”We will not accept PayPal’s discrimination against Palestinians!”

PayPal refuses to offer its services to Palestinians living in the occupied Palestinian territory, while Israelis next door in illegal settlements have full access to PayPal’s international transactions. Let’s unite today in telling PayPal to stop discriminating against Palestinians.
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Tell PayPal to stop discriminating against Palestinians

To PayPal: Make your service available to Palestinians. Stop servicing illegal Israeli settlements in line with your company’s human rights responsibilities.

ActionAid has raised our concerns with the CEO of PayPal since January 2017, but so far he hasn’t even responded. Nor has PayPal followed the call of thousands of Palestinians to open up the company’s services to Palestinians living under Israeli occupation.

We therefore urge you to:

  • Tell PayPal to stop discriminating against Palestinians:
  • Add your voice to the hundreds of thousands already calling for PayPal to make its services available to Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza, and to stop servicing companies and individuals in illegal Israeli settlements in Palestine.

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PayPal has become the default method of online payment for many people living in the 200+ jurisdictions where it does business. Among those is Israel – under which PayPal counts the illegal Israeli settlements on occupied Palestinian territory.

PayPal’s discrimination prevents Palestinian businesses and individuals from processing payments through one of the most common payment methods, limiting their opportunities for growth. The tech sector - one of the few promising areas of employment in the occupied Palestinian territory - is put at a substantial disadvantage, leaving it unable to absorb the thousands of young Palestinian ”techies” who graduate from university every year.

PayPal’s failure to provide their services to Palestinians living under the occupation is having serious repercussions for Palestinian businesses and graduates in need of jobs. Palestine has one of the highest youth unemployment rates in the world, and the tech sector is one of the few industries that is growing, even under Israel’s occupation of the West Bank and Gaza. But the industry’s growth is being obstructed, with Palestinian tech companies struggling to make or receive international online payments.

Over 38 percent of people in Palestine are living in poverty, yet prosperous Israeli settlements lie just meters from those struggling to survive. These Israeli settlements, built on stolen Palestinian land, are illegal under international law as they breach the fourth Geneva Convention which prohibits an occupying power from moving its civilian population into a territory it occupies. This illegal status was reconfirmed in UN Security Council Resolution 2334 of 23 December 2016.

PayPal has a responsibility to respect human rights and address any adverse human rights impacts linked to their business practices in line with the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights (UNGP). PayPal should not knowingly be complicit in violations of international humanitarian law by servicing companies and individuals in the illegal settlements in the occupied Palestinian territory.

PayPal has done the right thing in the past - and together we can make the company do the right thing again. In North Carolina, PayPal scrapped plans for a major operations center in protest of an unjust law that took away protections for the LGBTQ+ community. If we come together now we can show PayPal that it can expand its market, help the 2,000 IT graduates Palestine produces every year to find work, and finally end the growing backlash amongst politicians, tech companies and concerned PayPal users like us.